Learn from the best!

If you wish to fully harness the power of digital, you must fully harness the power of 3Shape

Learn from one of our Digital Dental Craftsmen instructors and bring your skills to the next level!. With 3Shape, it is now possible to design complex cases at the comfort of a digital workstation. Understanding how to use these digital tools is imperative for a dental specialists aiming to stay on the cutting edge. This course focuses on giving students hands-on experience with 3Shape.


Take this course from the comfort of your home. You will be able to connect to our High-Bandwidth PCs from anywhere in the world and use our systems like if you were using your own PC. Our system ensures you have a smooth connection with no lag or pixelated images. You will access DDC CLASSROOM with a software download and engage with the Instructor and other students via Zoom.

  • No need to have the software

  • No travel expenses!

  • Accessible from anywhere in the world

  • Engage with other students via Zoom

What will you learn?

This course is designed to take your 3Shape skills to the next level. This course was developed to test the skills of participants, and to teach advanced concepts that will both open new streams or revenues for designers, but set their abilities apart from the average user. We use the same content in this course to train interns and staff to become expert designers. Step-by-step, attendees will design cases alongside the instructor, each student will have have 2 monitor screens, one with their 3Shape application, and one with the instructors screen mirrored. This learning technique we call “Mirrored Learning” gives each attendee an intimate view of the instructors screen and this technique after many courses given enhances the learning process of the students

  • Hybrid Design

  • Learn to design on the 3Shape Dental Software

  • Learn to design in a systematic way

  • Speed up your design process

  • Understand how to utilize all the design tools

  • Become a proficient 3Shape dental designer

  • Learn tips and tricks


Connect via internet to take this course!

No travel is required. you can use your own software or log into the DDC Classroom to take this course.


  • Do I need to have 3Shape in order to take this course?

    If you have your own dongle great if not we can allow you to access our Virtual Access Classroom System. So don't worry we will get you on a pc no matter where you are in the world.

  • When I pay for the training how does the 1-on-1 session arranged?

    Once you register and pay we will contact you and arrange the best time that works for both you and the instructor to have the lesson.

  • Do I receive a certificate for this training?

    Yes you will receive a certification training from Digital Dental Craftsmen.

  • How long is this training?

    The training is 4 hours.

  • Do I need to know 3Shape basics to take this training?

    No! you do not need to have previous knowledge of 3Shape. You just need to have some dental background knowledge.