Become an Affiliate Member

If you are an aspiring DDC Instructor this is the membership for you!

  • Add your Learning Center to our list of DDC Affiliated training facilities

  • Create In-Person and Remote-Access courses

  • Receive course admin access

  • Generate passive income

  • Receive an Affiliate Link

What is a Learning Center?

As a DDC Affiliate, your facility can be added on our Learning Centers page. This allows you to create events in DDC for your educational study club, In-Person or Remote-Access courses. You will also be able to use our platform for private events in DDC WORLD!

What is an Affiliate Link?

As an Affiliate Member you will be able to receive a special link. This link creates a cookie in our system that will last a month. In this month period if a member subscribes to any of our memberships, you will receive 15% of the monthly subscription for the life of this membership.

Questions & Answers

Things you need to know before subscribing to this membership

  • Do I need to have a course to be an Affiliate Member?

    Yes. As an Affiliate you will be required to put up a course, whether this course is an On-Demand course or a Hands-On course it doesn't matter.

  • How will I be able to upload my own courses?

    Once you become an Affiliate Member you will be able to download a certificate that proves you are ready to commit to creating educational events. Send a copy of this certificate to our support team and internally we will upgrade your account to Affiliate.

  • How do I get paid?

    Our system is set up to make record of every transaction made on your courses and on it tracks affiliate links. This information is all calculated in the system. At the end of every month we will send the money to you via bank transfer, and or PayPal. ( When you become a Affiliate Member you will be required to sign a w-9 form. No payments can be sent out without this form filled out and sent back to our support team )

  • Where can i place Affiliate Links?

    You can place Affiliate Links on your own website or social media accounts directing people to DDC. This will be tracked by our system and you will receive 15% of the membership of this person for the life of their subscription.

  • If I have a In-Person or Remote-Access course and would like to publish it on this platform what do I need to do?

    Once you become an Affiliate you need to contact our support team and we will help you sell tickets to In-Person or Remote-Access events. We will internally create these events on the DDC Platform and discuss with you pricing and all event related information.

  • How do I become a DDC Instructor?

    To become a DDC Instructor you need to do a minimum of 3 Presentations on the DDC WORLD Platform. After this you can make the request for you to become a DDC Instructor. This request will be sent to a committee formed by the DDC Ambassadors. If you are approved by the committee you will be sent an email to take a DDC Instructor course. In this course there is a quiz, which basically ensures that you understand all that DDC is about. Once you pass this quiz you will receive a beautiful certificate that officially makes you a DDC Instructor. You than send us this certificate and we announce you in to the world. As an Instructor you no longer have to pay Affiliate Membership. You will be able to add courses and events, discounts and other amazing perks!