DDC Partnership Program

Digital Dental Craftsmen is dedicated to advancing the field of dentistry by providing comprehensive education at all levels, generating promotional opportunities for experts and companies while sharing in a supportive community unbound by language, geography, or occupation. Join us in the movement to empower dental professionals pursue excellence.

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Set up virtual booths

Take your trade-show booths into the digital realm with DDC World. Reach beyond local audiences with a booth that stays open 24/7 all year round!

Promote and educate all under one roof

DDC Partners can host events in DDC World. Presentations, technical demonstrations, and sale promotion are all possible within DDC World.

Here’s Why You Need To Be A DDC Partner:

  • Access to a global audience
  •  Custom tailored live events
  •  Qualified lead generation for small to large size organizations
  •  Targeted content that can be easily shared, archived, and reused
  •  A travel-free alternative for trade shows, especially during COVID-19
  •  Real-time and post-event data for clear and measurable analytics
  •  Completely customizable booth layout and branding
  •  Great for product launches and new product demos
  •  Identify and capture qualified leads that can be exported easily
  •  Bring your products and services to life in an immersive virtual reality
  •  Build long-term customer relationships and increase customer retention

Promote your brand alongside some of the best brands in dentistry.