Full Digital Package

This program is designed with you in mind! If you are ready to jump in feet first, and have equipment, ordered equipment or are about to order equipment this course is for you. In this intensive program you will received customized 1:1 training that will ensure you are up and running as a digital denture clinic

Esther Schwenning RD, DD Carson Law RD, DD


Northern Lights Denture Clinic is in the hub of British Columbia in Prince George, BC. We have been a fully Digital Denture Clinic for the past 2.5 years and took our first dive into digital dentures in 2012. We are currently KOLs for 3Shape, Ivoclar, and Asiga and have been successfully running 3 design stations, 2 Trios intraoral scanners, a desktop scanner, the Micron printer, Formlabs printer, Asiga printer and 2 PM7s. At Northern Lights we have specialized in all various types of removable workflows and have to ability to bring your in to a digital denture clinic to share with you all that we have learned over the years.

Digital Introduction Training

What is included?

  • Two intensely packed days of hands on training catered to your clinic/lab

  • We will cover everything from mouth to mill (or print!)

  • Basic skills to start immediately implementing your digital transformation.

Custom Advanced Training

What is included? (recommended 4 to 6 weeks later)

  • We will now dive in deeper with the skills you have practiced in the last 4 to 6 weeks and get into advanced design and production learning

  • These two action packed days will be customized based on your business

  • We will help you select from the modules available under “Advanced Training”



  • The Northern Lights Academy is split into various modules

  • The Premium Package includes 3 days of basic training followed by advanced training modules

  • On-site hands-on courses with access to all of our equipment

  • Start to finish workflows