Custom Advanced Training

Have you already gone down the digital path? Would you like to get your clinic operating at the next level and fully transition from Analog to Digital? Do you just feel like you need a few more skills in certain areas? We have options for you! Please select from the following Advanced Training Modules. This is intensive 1:1 training that will get you going in the right direction

Esther Schwenning RD, DD Carson Law RD, DD


Northern Lights Denture Clinic is in the hub of British Columbia in Prince George, BC. We have been a fully Digital Denture Clinic for the past 2.5 years and took our first dive into digital dentures in 2012. We are currently KOLs for 3Shape, Ivoclar, and Asiga and have been successfully running 3 design stations, 2 Trios intraoral scanners, a desktop scanner, the Micron printer, Formlabs printer, Asiga printer and 2 PM7s. At Northern Lights we have specialized in all various types of removable workflows and have to ability to bring your in to a digital denture clinic to share with you all that we have learned over the years.

Trios Trios Trios - 1 Day $2000

This is all about intra-oral scanning. Your Trios can do so much and become your clinic’s most valuable asset. We help take your already stellar impression and bite registrations skills and help capture them into the world of digital

  • Bellus3D- Integration with Copy Denture or Immediate Dentures. How to align and import to design software. How to deliver virtual try in. How to use in CAD software.

  • Dentate and Edentulous Scanning with on Live Patients

  • Sending and communicating to different labs / clinics

  • Bite registration for edentulous scanning (Live Patient)

  • Smile Design

  • Comment Box

RPD’s – Nothing Partial About This Course! 2 DAYS : $3500

There is just so much more to RPD’s than a cast framework. Your patients will be thrilled that there are so many solutions for missing just a few teeth.

  • Partial Design

  • Incorporating Meshmixer

  • Lego Assembly

  • Flexible Partial Design (Acetyl) - Indications for use, flippers & frames.

  • Split Cases - CUD/PLD. How to Scan. How to CAD Design. How to Manufacture.

Copy Denture – Never Flask Again!1 DAY : $2000

Everything you need to know to convert your relines and rebases to fully digital.

  • Impression Protocols

  • Desktop Scanning

  • CAD + CAM

  • Making modifications to copy denture design

  • Go Home with a Finished Denture

CAM’ing (PM7) A “MILLion Reasons to Take This Course” 2 DAYS : $3500

Computer Assisted Manufacturing is one of the most under talked about areas of digital dentures, but probably one of the most important aspects of digital workflows. We will go over not only how to use your mill, but get your mill working to its full potential. This course covers all milling for removable prosthetics.

  • Oversize Milling

  • Acetyl Milling

  • Duplicate Dentures

  • Finishing Milled Dentures

  • Go Home with Finished Denture samples



  • The Northern Lights Academy is split into various modules

  • The Premium Package includes 3 days of basic training followed by advanced training modules

  • On-site hands-on courses with access to all of our equipment

  • Start to finish workflows